Recycled old timber

We obtain old timber from dismantling wooden buildings.
We offer considerable quantities of raw old timber for further processing.

Old timber lining board

The old timber we have been obtaining for years comes from dismantling old buildings. This timber is exposed to weather conditions like rain, wind or frost. Weather conditions have been affecting this timber for years, while shaping its unique appearance and durability.

Timber is carefully collected in order to preserve its unique value. Elements such as nails or various hinges are removed manually. We sort old timber according to the client’s order and specification – e.g. color, species, size. The period of timber preparation depending on the order specifications takes between 1 week and 3 weeks.

The experience gained over 9 operating years allows us to prepare raw material in order to satisfy every client. We supply timber for many European countries – e.g. Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland.

The timber offered is raw material which is intended for further processing.

We offer

Mix Color old timber lining board
Silver-grey old timber lining board
Sun-touched beams
Old floorboard
Hand-hewn beams
Hand-hewn boards
Beam-cut boards
Old oak timber
Old hardwood